Kengo Kuma suspends a cocoon-like timber dwelling for minimal site impact

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Prolific Japanese architecture firm Kengo Kuma and Associates recently worked its magic in the tiny Swiss village of Montricher at the foot of the Jura Mountains. There, the architects designed a contemporary family home that’s partly suspended from an existing concrete canopy and wrapped with timber inside and out. Created for the Jan Michalski Foundation, the cocoon-like dwelling — named Suspended Forest — is meant to further the organization’s mission of fostering literary creation and the practice of reading. Set close to the forest, the 120-square-meter abode takes inspiration from its nearby surroundings with an abundant use of timber. The architects collaborated with a local craftsman for the roof and facade system, which combines traditional techniques with contemporary style. Using locally sourced oak and larch, the architects cut out rectangular shingles of varying sizes and arranged them in a checkered pattern with an organic and random appearance to create an eye-catching exterior that doubles as a screen. The wood was left untreated so as to develop a natural patina over time. “It was our intention to organically relate the different spaces of the house,” the architects explained in a project statement. “We designed a cocoon-like, gradual and continuous space containing all the functionalities. A corridor runs from the entrance to the main living space, where the floating balcony connects the interior with the surrounding environment. Then, lateral apertures let the light come into the house.” Related: This spiraling sculpture can absorb the emissions of 90,000 cars An outdoor staircase, also suspended off of the main building, leads to the entrance, which opens up to a long hallway branching off to the home office, bedroom, technical room, master bedroom and finally the living area in the rear. The cocoon-like sensation created by the exterior cladding is echoed in the interior through the use of angular larch panels covering the ceilings and walls. Large windows let in plenty of natural light and views of the outdoors. + Kengo Kuma Photography by CAPimages via Kengo Kuma

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Kengo Kuma suspends a cocoon-like timber dwelling for minimal site impact

10 eco friendly products made using bamboo

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Shyamal Chitale: Ajiro Bamboo Vehicle An eco-friendly vehicle made from bamboo Eco-friendly is a term which is being used everywhere today. People tend to buy eco-friendly products and services, they enact eco-friendly policies, laws and guidelines that are made in order to protect the environment. With great focus on protecting the environment, companies tend to make use of this term in order sell or market their products and services. Different kinds of natural materials are used to make such products. One of them is the bamboo plant. This is a plant that is used on a large scale in regions like South Asia, South East Asia and the Eastern parts of Asia. The kind of soil and the climatic conditions in these regions work best for the growth of bamboo. These plants can grow very rapidly, with some almost growing at a rate of 100 cm per day or even more. It has many uses in the construction field, as a source of food and as a source of raw materials for various industries. Another most important use of the bamboo plant is in the manufacturing of different eco-friendly products used in the day-to-day life. 1. Groove Bamboo iPhone and iPad Cases : These cases are made from natural materials like the bamboo plant. Groove is a company that is based in Portland. Its main expertise lies in making products from the wood obtained from the bamboo plant. These cases are completely handmade using bamboo wood only. Once they are done they are polished and coated with natural oil. Inner cushioning is also provided to protect the iPhones and iPads from getting damaged in case of a fall. Although made from the same material, these cases are available in two different colors i.e. natural and amber. 2. Dell Green PC : The unique characteristic about this Dell PC is that it has a covering of the chassis made from the bamboo plant. Getting the chassis from bamboo was a difficult task. Dell had to ensure that the curvature of the PC was strong enough and moreover it had to be such that it did not change the form of the bamboo used. Thus with this unique kind of a PC, Dell has provided its consumers with a new and fresh design while keeping in mind the eco-friendliness of it. 3. ASUS Bamboo: The main concept behind this notebook was to provide the customers with a gadget made from natural material which can be recycled also. The chassis of this notebook is made of bamboo and hence its eco-friendly. 4. Environment Friendly Bamboo Computer Mouse and Bamboo USB : Keeping in mind the need of the hour to save the environment, bamboo mouse and bamboo USBs have been introduced in the market. These are great gadgets; good-looking, comfortable, go well with the office or the home decor and are extremely durable. Most of the functionalities associated with them are similar to the ones that we use everyday. They are also available in a variety of colours, depending on the bamboo being used. 5. Joerg Stamm’s Eco Bamboo : Joerg Stamm is a designer and manufacturer of products made from bamboo plants. He uses bamboo as a non-wood product and emphasizes on its use in the construction industry and in the manufacturing of different kinds of furniture. 6. Bamboo MTB Frame : Manufacturing bicycle frames is another use of the bamboo plant. Bamboo is very light, it is equally strong and elastic in nature. As a result this material is apt in building cycle frames. But the quality of the bamboo used has to be extremely good and have to be chosen carefully. 7. Kiva Bamboo Pen : This is another attractive product made from bamboo. It gives a great grip and a smooth finish. The plastic used at the end is bio-degradable and hence completely eco-friendly. The pens are available in different colors like black, blue and green. 8. Bamboo Furniture Bookshelf II Hemingway by LDK Design : This is a great shelf which apart from being extremely useful, also looks beautiful in houses. It is a highly sustainable furniture piece made from bamboo which will provide great service for many many years. 9. Ajiro Eco-Friendly Bamboo Vehicle : This is a vehicle made from bamboo which is the latest eco-friendly transportation solution. Naturally it can help in curbing the carbon emission problems that are on a rise today. 10. Garden 7″ Eco-Friendly Bamboo Healthy Straight Hair Comb : This eco-friendly comb comes with ionic technology, which can give great styling results. It is light weight and easy too handle. Its anti-bacterial properties make it a favorite among hair professionals.

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10 eco friendly products made using bamboo

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