Spiraling treetop walkway gives visitors a birds eye view of a Danish forest

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A stunning new adventure park in Denmark is taking visitors to new heights—literally. Architecture studio EFFEKT designed the Camp Adventure Treetop Experience, a unique destination that aims to reconnect people to nature by elevating them high above the treetop canopy. Located in the preserved forest Gisselfeld Klosters Skove, the Treetop Experience aims improve accessibility to the forest while minimizing landscape disturbance. EFFEKT unveiled their designs for the Treetop Experience this year as part of an expansion to Camp Adventure, an existing sports facility with treetop climbing and aerial zip-lines located one hour south of Copenhagen , Denmark. A wide variety of landscapes are found in Gisselfeld Klosters Skove, including various forest types, lakes, creeks, and wetlands. To show off environmental diversity, EFFEKT designed a winding 600-meter-long treetop walk that sensitively passes through the landscape. The treetop walk is divided into a higher and lower walkway with the former located in the oldest parts of the forest, while the latter is situated in the forest’s younger areas. The walk begins at Camp Adventure Farmhouse and is punctuated with educational features and activities such as an aviary , suspended amphitheater, walkway loops for tree observation, and a variety of viewpoints. Related: Sinuous Boomslang Walkway Gives Kirstenbosch Visitors a Taste of the Treetops in Cape Town The walkway culminates with the star built attraction, a 45-meter-tall observation viewpoint platform with an accessible spiraling ramp. The tower’s hourglass shape gives visitors an up-close look at the tree canopy, and is wrapped with a structural skeleton made up of 120-degree rotated steel elements. “The geometry and spacing of the ramp fluctuates according to the changing curvature, write the architects. “The ramp becomes a sculptural element in itself making the journey to the top a unique experience.” The observation platform offers 360-degree panoramic views of the preserved forest. + EFFEKT

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Spiraling treetop walkway gives visitors a birds eye view of a Danish forest

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