Inhabitat’s Top 6 Green Technology and Science Stories of 2014

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This year there was a range of technological innovations that could not only improve our lives but help save the planet as well. We saw a group of 16-year old girls who revolutionized crop yields , an airborne wind turbine that can also bring wi-fi to remote areas and a wave thruster that no one believed could really happen. 2014 also brought us a group of scientists who have vowed to make Nicola Tesla’s dream of wireless power a reality, a blazingly fast train and a mask that can turn humans into fishes .  Vote for your favorite and let us know what you which technology you can’t wait to see. Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post’s poll. Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: “wind power” , “wind turbine” , airborn wind turbine , Altaeros Energies , alternative energy sources , breathing underwater , bullet train , crop yield breakthrough , crop yields , crowdfunding campaign , design concept , diving , EmDrive , flying wind turbine , food production , Google Science Fair , green energy , Guido Fetta , high speed rail , Leonid Plekhanov , Maglev , magnetic levitation , Magnifying Transmitter system , microbattery , microwave technology , microwave thruster , mission to mars , nikola tesla , oxygen filter , oxygen mask , Planetary Energy Transmitter , propulsion , renewable energy , Roger Shawyer , russia , Russian physicists to build Tesla tower , scuba equipment , scuba mask , Sergey Plekhanov , south korean designer , spacecraft , sustainable food , teenage geniuses , tesla , Tesla tower , top inhabitat science story , top inhabitat stories , top inhabitat story , top inhabitat technology story , top inhabitat techology story , top science story , top science story 2014 , top technology story , top technology story 2014 , triton scuba mask , Wardenclyffe Tower

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Inhabitat’s Top 6 Green Technology and Science Stories of 2014

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