Eco-Friendly Trends Transforming Flooring Options

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Homeowners have always cherished hardwood floors. However, some wood products, … The post Eco-Friendly Trends Transforming Flooring Options appeared first on

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Eco-Friendly Trends Transforming Flooring Options

Top 5 GREEN Flooring Options for Your Home

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Do you know that 70 percent of the carpet currently in homes and businesses in the United States is made from nylon? What you may not know is that nylon is petroleum-based which basically means that it is not a renewable resource. If that’s not enough, it harbors allergens and some are even full of toxic chemicals that can make you and your family sick. Of course, carpet isn’t the only culprit! Vinyls will also never biodegrade and it creates dioxin during its creation which is a dangerous carcinogen. So, what flooring is safe for you and the environment?

1. Cork – Quickly becoming the hottest flooring choice in America, cork feels like you are walking on air due to the millions of tiny sealed pockets. It provides insulation, absorbs noise, is water-resistant and lasts five times longer than vinyl. Cork will pop back into shape eventually too so even heavy TV wall units that would leave permanent marks on carpet and tile, won’t do long-term damage to cork.

2. Earthen – Lime, clay and sand are pressed in the floor, left to dry and then sealed with beeswax and linseed oil. It is water-repellent and holds heat so it’s really ideal for cold climates. Best of all, it’s very inexpensive!

3. Plant Fibers – Rugs made from plant fibers like sisal, sea grass, jute, abaca and coir are easy to care for, sound-absorbent and have some beneficial qualities. For example, sea grass grows underwater, is water-repellent and very cheap while coir is made from coconut husks so it wicks moisture, making it a popular choice for bathrooms and basements.

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4. Linoleum – It is interesting how many people assume linoleum is in the vinyl family but they are not even close to being related. Linoleum is actually made out of ground limestone, tree resins, wood flour, cork dust and linseed oil and it lasts about 20 times longer than vinyl.

5. Bamboo – This strong, giant grass is one of the world’s fastest growing plants. Harvesting doesn’t affect the plant so it can continue to grow back over and over again. Bamboo is harder and more durable than wood but always make sure your bamboo has not been preserved with any VOC’s!

There are plenty of options for flooring available today that don’t contribute to greenhouse gases, nor do they contain chemicals that could have long-term adverse health effects on you, your family and pets.

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