Houston Getting Extensive EV Charging Network

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NRG Energy, a New Jersey-based utility company is building the nation’s first privately-funded network of electric vehicle charging stations in Houston.  EV drivers can subscribe to the service, giving them access to both private, home-based and public charging stations around the city The network is called evGo and will put everyone in Houston within five miles of a charging station by the end of 2011. There will be two levels of subscriptions.  For $49 a month customers will be provided with their own private charging station.  For $89 a month, customers will have access to a network of 50 to 150 charging stations located in public parking lots across the city,   The stations will mainly be in retail locations like Best Buy and Walgreens.  The network will include quick-chargers that can fully charge a battery in 25 minutes. If the the $10-million charging network is successful in Houston, the company plans to expand the idea to other major cities, with New York and Dallas at the top of the list.  NRG plans to focus on states where the electricity industry is deregulated, like Texas.

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Houston Getting Extensive EV Charging Network

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