The SPACE pod from IO House lets you go off-grid in style

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Who says that off-grid living is in conflict with living in style? Not the designers behind The SPACE, a portable pod that allows you to go off-grid easily and harmoniously while still enjoying modern features and conveniences. Combining sustainable living with luxury comfort, The SPACE from IO House can be placed anywhere you go, from a river’s edge to a forest clearing. All you need to bring along is a smart device to connect, and this off-grid pod will provide the rest: water, electricity, heat and WiFi. In addition, each detail in The SPACE has been designed to be aesthetically pleasing while also remaining ecologically friendly. Related: Escapod’s rugged Topo trailer lets you live off-grid in any environment With this portable pod home, IO House wanted to show that eco-friendly living can be a way of life without sacrificing modern amenities, conveniences and luxuries. Designed to take the dweller away from the stresses of everyday living in bustling cities, The SPACE is the result of dedicated design details that synchronize with the use of a smartphone to give the dweller ultimate control over his or her home. In order to provide unity with the natural world, IO House eschewed synthetic materials when designing the pod, using wood, wool, glass and metal in their place. The SPACE’s windows also link the home’s interior with the surrounding environment, furthering the residents’ connection to the outdoors. Inside the off-grid home, residents can take advantage of the smart home technology, controlling heat, electricity and more with the touch of a button. The full kitchen includes a dishwasher, gas stove, refrigerator, washing machine, coffee maker (with hot water and a steamer), and water purifier. + IO House Via ArchDaily

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The SPACE pod from IO House lets you go off-grid in style

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