"Once-in-a-1000-years" flood batters Maryland town for the second time in two years

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Ellicott City, Maryland was devastated in 2016 by a flash flood — the type of event that many people said happens only once in a lifetime. But now, disastrous flooding is happening again. More than 300 residents have been evacuated, and on Sunday afternoon, there were over 1,000 calls to 911. This is a second video from my sister on #EllicotCity Main Street. This is as high, if not higher than 2 years ago. She is safe for now, no idea if everyone made it out of the 1st floors. @WJZDevin @wjz @FOXBaltimore @CairnsKcairns @wbaltv11 @weatherchannel : video via Kali Harris pic.twitter.com/KOQUH0aBwp — Jeremy Harris (@JeremyHarrisTV) May 27, 2018 Governor Larry Hogan declared a state of emergency and said, “They say this is a once-every-thousand-years flood, and we’ve had two of them in two years.” Seven to nine inches of rain poured down on Ellicott City, about 10 miles west of Baltimore. Main Street transformed into a rushing, muddy river. Cars were swept down the street like toys.  Army National Guardsman Eddison Hermond died after trying to help a woman and her cat. pic.twitter.com/9XifLkyTK6 — Zachary Landow (@zrlandow) May 27, 2018 Related: California’s wild extremes of flooding and drought will only get worse as the planet warms Slate reported Ellicott City is a 250-year-old river town that’s been hit with flooding in the past. But the 2016 flash flood and this recent one have been different than previous floods. Typically, the Patapsco River rises and causes flooding. With these flash floods, the Tiber and Hudson tributaries — one of which runs beneath Main Street — overflowed, according to a 2016 Baltimore Sun investigation . Water is back up, and more rain coming our way. pic.twitter.com/RCMjcIkPFn — Libby Solomon (@libsolomon) May 27, 2018 University of Maryland Baltimore County geography professor Jeffrey Halverson told NPR  that the rain storms in this region have been getting more intense recently, and the flooding is connected to changes in the area’s land surface. Halverson said, “[Ellicott City] is heavily paved, there’s lots of narrow streets that act as very rapid conduits of water — so the [2016] flood was as much about the nature of the underlying land surface as it was the large amount of rain falling from the sky.” This is partly how Ellicott City flooding gets so bad. The water takes cars, dumpsters and other pieces of debris, smashes them into storm culverts, the culverts get blocked, and the water coming behind has no where to go and overflows in all directions. pic.twitter.com/N2WwJeyFzA — Kevin Rector (@RectorSun) May 28, 2018 “There are a lot of people whose lives are going to be devastated again, and they’ve been working so hard to come back,” Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman said. “I couldn’t imagine what they went through two years ago, and now it’s even worse.” Via Slate , NPR , The Baltimore Sun ( 1 ,  2 ) and CNN Image via MarylandGov Pics and Preservation Maryland

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"Once-in-a-1000-years" flood batters Maryland town for the second time in two years

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