ASMO Charger ends vampire power draw and helps prevent home fires

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After his fiancee’s home was burned to the ground by a mobile phone charger that was left plugged in, Finland-based Asmo Saloranta decided to create a charger that not only helps prevent fires, but puts an end to vampire power draw. A recent study by the National Resources Defense Council found that vampire power – the energy used by chargers and devices plugged in but not in use – costs Americans a total of $19 billion dollars each year. Enter the ASMO Charger, the device that puts a stop to vampire draw.  After achieving funding in just 9 hours on Indiegogo , the charger is ready for manufacturing and taking pre-orders. Manufacturing starts this summer and chargers will be delivered in October. Each charger is manufactured in Finland, despite the fact that many told Asmo that manufacturing there would be too expensive. “There is a reason why it’s much cheaper to manufacture electronics in some countries, because in there child labor is cheap, energy from coal power plants is cheap and humans do not have any value,” says Asmo Saloranta. “The costs of manufacturing in Finland are higher, but the ethical and the moral comfort are more important to me. I wanted to sleep my nights well, and I do.” If you want to nab your own ASMO Charger check out the Indiegogo campaign. + ASMO Charger on Indiegogo The article above was submitted to us by an Inhabitat reader. Want to see your story on Inhabitat ? Send us a tip by following this link. Remember to follow our instructions carefully to boost your chances of being chosen for publishing! Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: ASMO , ASMO Charger , device charging , eco charging , eco device charging , green power , Indiegogo campaigns , mobile device charging , power draw , reader submission , Vampire Power , vampire power draw

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ASMO Charger ends vampire power draw and helps prevent home fires

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