Couple spent seven years handcrafting their dream geodesic home

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Sheila Williamson and her husband spent over seven years building their dream home, meticulously crafting a gorgeous three-domed geodesic home using reclaimed wood . Located just outside of San Francisco, the home is currently on the market . Located just 30 minutes outside of San Francisco, the home’s atypical design was challenging from the start. According to Williamson, the first hurdle was to battle with the city to get the required building permits. “Just getting the permit was a bit of a challenge because [the building department] had no idea what we were talking about.” Related: Five Great Reasons to Build a Geodesic Home Williamson and her husband designed and – with the help of an engineer – built the 3-sphere, 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom home themselves. Inspired by the work of famed architect and inventor Buckminster Fuller, the dome design began to take shape. Using reclaimed pieces of wood from a nearby warehouse that had been demolished, the structure’s many triangular panels were cut by hand by the couple to create the dome shape . Beautiful hand-crafted stained glass accents are found throughout. The construction process was a community affair in many ways, with neighborhood children helping out in various ways. Reportedly, they even hid messages inside some of the panels to be read if the home is ever dismantled. Three geodesic domes make up the home, which is 1,700 square feet and strategically embedded into a serene, green-filled landscape. The largest dome houses the front entrance, which opens up into the living space with an open kitchen, office, and loft. The interior space is well lit thanks to a large window, which is made up of fourteen triangular panels, as well as a pentagonal skylight in the dome’s ceiling. A wooden open-air deck wraps around the structure, proving stellar views of the surrounding Diablo Valley. The smaller geodesic spaces contain the bedrooms on the upper floor. The master bedroom also has a beautiful skylight along with a private deck that overlooks the natural surroundings . In fact, the home’s close connection to its lush settings has always been the couple’s favorite part of the design, “It’s just the serenity, and it’s quiet at night. If you turn your back to the valley, you can see the stars,” Williamson said. “How often can you see the stars anymore? You can watch them progress across the sky over the year.” Unfortunately, Williamson’s husband passed away last year, prompting her to put the home on the market for $889,000. Via Dwell Photography by Todd Taylor of Taylor Photography Group

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Couple spent seven years handcrafting their dream geodesic home

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