Charming home uses local, natural materials to pay homage to a chestnut tree

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Young Czech architecture firm Valarch Studio has completed a modest yet elegant family house built largely of timber to reference the property’s old chestnut tree in the garden. Named the Chestnut House, the home spans a compact footprint of just 840 square feet and comprises two sections: a larger living area and a smaller, green-roofed technical area united via a multifunctional vestibule. All building materials were locally sourced whenever possible with an emphasis on natural materials. When Valarch Studio was tapped with turning the small site, a former recreation area, into a place for a family home, the team’s attention was captured by the large chestnut tree growing in an overrun field. The architects decided to use that tree as a focal point for the property and allowed it to dictate the orientation and overall atmosphere of the home. “The dark brown house surrounded by the lush green landscape mirrors a chestnut breaking out of its thorny green shell,” the architects said. “It is built of raw, untreated wood with burnt lining to complement the solid chestnut tree.” Timber also lines the minimally detailed interiors, which are fitted with large windows that flood the rooms with natural light and frame views of the lush outdoors. The interior layout is split into two sections joined together with a vestibule that includes wood storage and extends into an outdoor covered terrace with seating. The living areas, located at the heart of the home, are housed in a double-height space with a small loft guestroom above. The master suite and kid’s bedroom are located on the north side of the house. Related: Compact Karst House offers a contemporary twist on classic countryside living in Slovenia Completed for a cost of approximately $160,000 USD, the Chestnut House was built with wood framing and a steel skeleton and elevated on iron and concrete supports. + Valarch Studio Photography by Jakub Skokan and Martin T?ma / BoysPlayNice

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Charming home uses local, natural materials to pay homage to a chestnut tree

Mysterious Fahouse is a modern version of a fairy tale cottage

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The house has an interesting graphic quality, with its black exterior and simple shape, highlighting the difference between dark and light. Despite its imposing appearance, the house actually blends well within its surroundings. The space offers a variety elements that merge the indoors and out, such as large glass walls Related: Stealth Barn is a Striking, Shadowy Guest House in the Cambridgeshire Fens The architects worked closely with the clients to capture the playfulness of the relationship between the parents and the kids. A promenade running along the blind wall of the first volume leads to a terrace sheltered under a large cantilever . The main entrance leads into a vibrant lobby, while the large glass walls extend the main living spaces far beyond the physical boundary of the house. Two bunk beds occupy the kids’ room, which is a playful nest in one peak of the house, with a few stairs leading to the second peak where parents’ bedrooms are located. The rooms feel like they are nestled high in the treetops. In this way, both volumes reference natural environments, from animal lairs in the lower floor of the home, to bird nests in the second level. + Jean Verville architecte Via v2com Photos by Maxime Brouillet

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Mysterious Fahouse is a modern version of a fairy tale cottage

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