‘Floating’ ski chalet clad in charred wood overlooks China’s Songhua Lake

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Beijing-based firm META-Project just unveiled a triangular cabin overlooking Songhua Lake in China’s northeastern Ji Lin province. Located at the top of a steep ski slope, the Stage of Forest lookout – which is clad in Shou-Sugi-Ban wood – peers out over the amazing landscape, and provides a respite for skiers who need a break before swishing down the mountain. The building is located on the edge of a forested hillside overlooking the Songhua Lake Resort – a popular winter destination. Jutting out over the landscape, the wood and concrete structure is a solemn presence against the snow-covered mountains in wintertime and it’s camouflaged by lush vegetation in the summer months. In addition to providing a place to rest on the slopes, the building will also be used year-round for exhibitions, conferences, workshops, and public and private events. Related: ‘Top of Tyrol’ Lookout Platform Offers a Bird’s-Eye View of Austria’s Stubai Glacier The building’s “floating” design minimizes its footprint as much as possible. The compact concrete base occupies minimal square footage, while the larger volume provides a spacious interior to enjoy the stunning views. The building consists of a concrete shell topped with charred cedar shingles, which emit a silvery tone under the sunlight. From the first floor, visitors can climb to an open-air viewing platform clad in untreated red cedar . Oval windows in the ceiling and the floor allow optimal sunlight to enter the structure, while providing a playful peak at what’s “underneath the stage,” as described by the architects. + META-Project Via Archinect Photography by Su Shengliang

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‘Floating’ ski chalet clad in charred wood overlooks China’s Songhua Lake

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