A tropical paradise grows inside this multigenerational home in Singapore

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Like many traditional Asian homes, the 1,494.7-square-meter Cornwall Gardens is a courtyard house where the main rooms of the home open up to a central outdoor space. Cornwall Gardens’ courtyard features a large swimming pool, waterfall, and Koi carp pond, all ringed by natural rocks and green foliage. “The setting provides daylighting, natural ventilation , and passive cooling,” said Chang Architects. “It offers an ecological-friendly environment that promotes general wellness for all. Working with the existing terrain, built-ups that contributed to the site coverage are utilised as planters for tropical fruit trees, to cool ambient temperature, and to insulate the interiors.” The main rooms of the home overlook the central courtyard and have access to natural light and fresh air. Some of the climbing vines that hang over the homes provide shade from the sun and double as privacy screens. The basement level, where the Koi carp pond, swimming pool, and a waterfall are located, also features the dining room (next to the pool), kitchen, lounge, bedroom, and sun decks. A bridge connecting the lounge and dining area separates the Koi pond from the swimming pool. The first story houses the three additional bedrooms and the library and also has access to the driveway, while the second story contains the grandparents’ suite, a gym, dining, and a small extra bedroom. The accessible roof is covered in a series of terraced gardens . Rooms can be expanded and converted to accommodate additional family members as needed. Related: Atelier Sacha Cotture Clads Filipino Courtyard House in Low-Cost Bamboo and Solar Panels The home is clad in a charcoal timber façade that extends into the interior and has the ability to filter air pollutants . The front door was made from recycled railway sleepers. Rainwater is captured and recycled for irrigation and the verdant landscaping has attracted many fauna and flora to the area. + Chang Architects Via Dezeen Images via Chang Architects

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A tropical paradise grows inside this multigenerational home in Singapore

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