double your (recyclable) treasure.

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My challenge to my family has been to have double the amount of recyclables than regular trash.  I know that may not sound like a huge deal, but it is making a big difference.  I have always been trash-sorting minded.  I have always had a recycling bin accompanying my regular trash can on our curb.  But, there is always the escapee item of waste that finds its way into the regular trash when by all means it should be in the recyclables.  So, my new job is Trash Police!  I can’t believe how full my recyclables are each week!  As with anything, the minute we start to utilize our brain cells to start observing our habits, we catch ourselves finding other things we can improve.  For example,  do you really need a drink carrier from the drive-thru?  Really, really, do you need it?  Yes, it may be made of recyclable products but will you take it home to put in your recycle bin or will it be put in a trash can at your next errand stop?  But, if you do take it home and put it in your recyclabes, you just may reach your goal of double recyclables!!  Happy Recycling, everyone!   Thanks to Susan Miller for submitting this tip and photo to our Top-To-Toe Tip Contest !

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double your (recyclable) treasure.

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