Tactile ‘Cabin of Curiosities’ was built with 4,500 3D-printed ceramic tiles

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We’ve already established that San Francisco-based Emerging Objects (founded by Ronald Rael) is quickly becoming the king of innovative 3D printing , but their latest design is taking the world of 3D architecture to new levels. The Cabin of Curiosities is an amazing tiny house, built with more than 4,500 3D printed ceramic tiles. Through a strategic arrangement, the front facade is integrated with the company’s “planter tile” system, which creates a base for a garden wall. The exterior of the cabin is a textural facade made up of thousands of 3D printed tiles . The unique facade system incorporates the company’s own creation called “Seed Stitch” walls. The system, which is named for a knitting technique, involves printing the tiles at extremely high speeds resulting in deliberate anomalies. The batch of uneven tiles looks like they were handmade, giving the structure a unique character. Using galvanized metal J moldings, the tiles are hung on the frame of the building. Related: 10 ways 3D printing is disrupting the architecture industry On the interior, the cabin’s walls are clad with the company’s translucent “Chroma Curl Wall”. Made with a bio-based plastic derived from corn, the texture and aesthetic are another feature unique to Emerging Objects . The interior is lit by color-changing LED lights giving the space a trippy, but serene feel. The interior has been decorated with several of Emerging Objects’ own creations such as 3D printed furniture , pottery, and lamps. The design for the cabin, which recently made its debut at SXSW, has been a long-time coming for the innovative designers. According to Emerging Objects, the structure is a culmination of various years of 3D innovation and shows how 3D printing is pushing the world of architecture forward. + Emerging Objects Via Archinect Photos by Matthew Millman va Emerging Objects

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Tactile ‘Cabin of Curiosities’ was built with 4,500 3D-printed ceramic tiles

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