This farm in New York only grows food for donation (10 tons and counting)

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Artist Dan Colen needed an escape from New York City. So he purchased Sky High Farm in New York’s Hudson Valley region in 2011, and worked with Berman Horn Studio to create a gorgeous haven with structures reminiscent of old farm buildings. Not only is the farm architecturally beautiful, it’s on a mission to do good. The 40-acre farm donates all of its organic produce – and eggs and meat from grass-fed animals – to food pantries and banks throughout the state. Sky High Farm is home to a striking Black Barn , designed by Berman Horn Studio. The L-shaped building has black wood siding – the color comes from Benjamin Moore’s Black – and a corrugated metal roof. Livestock reside in the barn, which also serves as a harvest processing center. Interns also dwell inside. Related: Beautiful modern barn produces food sustainably in Utah Berman Horn Studio said in their design statement that changes in materials in the interior speak of the changing functions of the space, while the black exterior lends a cohesiveness to the entire structure. Heavy timber construction is found in the livestock wing; light-filled interiors for the interns. The processing center has industrial finishes. Architect Maria Berman told Gardenista Colen “very much appreciates the integrity of vernacular working farm buildings, and wanted to create a building that felt like it could have been on this very old farm for many years.” The farm’s mission is food security ; the produce and meat products from the farm go to soup kitchens and food pantries or banks in New York City and other areas of the state to feed the hungry. Out of the 40 acres, 25 are used for animal pasture, and two are dedicated to vegetable production. The farm is currently in its fifth season and estimates they’ve been able to donate over 36,000 healthy, organic meals – emphasizing quality of food as much as quantity. On their website they put the donation of produce and meat in tons, saying they’ve donated more than 10 tons. + Sky High Farm + Berman Horn Studio Via Gardenista Images via Sky High Farm

This farm in New York only grows food for donation (10 tons and counting)

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