Nissan LEAF to Power Homes in Japan

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In Japan this week, Nissan unveiled a system for using their LEAF EV to power a house during a power outage or shortage. The two-way charging device isn’t a new concept, it’s been part of the idea for EVs all along, but finally companies are producing the technology and nations are getting behind the idea of using EVs for extra power.  Denmark recently became the first country to create a program that pays EV owners for the power they feed back to the grid . The two-way system is beneficial in two ways:  it lightens the load on the grid during peak hours and helps cover power shortages and it also allows EV owners to buy their power during cheaper night hours and then use it during more expensive peak hours. The Nissan LEAF batteries can store up to 24kWh of electricity, which could power an average Japanese home for about two days.  If the system is just used during peak hours during the day though, the car would still have plenty of juice left for everyday trips. In Japan where nuclear reactors have been taken offline since the tsunami, power shortages and blackouts have become more common.  Lithium ion storage batteries are available for homeowners to use as back-up power, but if you can use your car for the same purpose, it becomes more simplified. via IT World

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Nissan LEAF to Power Homes in Japan

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