This Living Vehicle can take you completely off grid for a month

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HofArc’s new Living Vehicle may just be the future of off-grid living thanks to its dynamic combination of glossy aluminum cladding, eco-friendly materials and self-sustaining features. The stunningly sophisticated home on wheels was built with low-impact materials meant to last a lifetime, and it can be equipped to go off grid for weeks at a time. HofArc’ s founder, Matthew Hoffman, has spent years living and designing modern, mobile living spaces . The Living Vehicle design is the result of years of fine-tuning small spaces so that they make little impact on the environment, but without sacrificing on comfort. Related: Solar-powered Tonke Camper brings a hint of nostalgia to off-grid living The 215-square-feet long camper is clad in ultra-glossy aluminum – a durable, long-lasting, and recyclable product. No only aesthetically pleasing, this shiny facade also helps reflect light and heat, aiding in the trailer’s energy regulation. The high-quality aluminum, along with superior engineering, provides a strong, rigid frame for the RV that can withstand even the most rugged off-road expeditions. Designed to go off grid for weeks at a time, the camper is equipped with ample energy production and storage features including four 150-watt solar panels , four 12-volt lithium ion batteries, and a 3000-watt power inverter. It also comes with a 100-gallon tanks for water storage. Thanks to its ultra-strong insulation, the LV is a comfortable living space all year round. The LV’s interior is not too shabby either. Using many of the tried and true space saving techniques found in RV’s, the LV design goes further on comfort. The kitchen has enough space for a full-sized refrigerator, sink, and stove. An island with counter top is handy for food preparation and provides extra storage space . The living area is light and airy thanks to the large windows. And for sleeping space, there are enough convertible beds to sleep six. Although currently not an option, the HofArc team hopes to modify the current design over the next few years so that the LV can produce its own water and food, therefore converting into a 100% self-sustaining home on wheels . + Living Vehicle + HofArc Via Treehugger Images via Living Vehicle

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This Living Vehicle can take you completely off grid for a month

Airstream unveils super compact, lightweight travel trailer for $30K

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Light as a feather! Airstream has just unveiled the ultra-lightweight Nest, a 16-foot travel trailer that weighs just 2,500 pounds. The company has ditched its iconic polished aluminum for a molded fiberglass in order to create the ultimate in minimalist campervan design. Although the beloved trailer manufacturer has stayed true to its shiny silver aluminum cladding for almost a century, Nest’s molded fiberglass body makes the camper much lighter and more aerodynamic. At just 2,500 pounds, the compact, streamlined design makes for an extremely travel-friendly ride. Related: Airstream’s new Basecamp is a tiny house you can tow practically anywhere On the interior, travelers will enjoy a minimalist modern design with enough space for a queen bed and a small, but sufficient kitchen . According to the company, the new trailer was designed for those who “want the legendary design sense, quality, and sophistication of Airstream, in a fresh, new package.” The fiberglass Nest design is the brainchild of Nest Caravans, founded by Robert Johans. In 2016, Airstream purchased the Oregon-based company for an undisclosed amount. The Nest trailers are slated to hit the market in early 2018. + Airstream Nest Via Outside Online Images via Airstream and Roaming Times Save Save

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Airstream unveils super compact, lightweight travel trailer for $30K

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