Offshore oil platforms are reimagined as self-sustaining homes

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As the world looks for sustainable housing solutions to meet the needs of a burgeoning population, Paris-based design firm XTU Architects has unveiled a conceptual design that would convert old oil platforms into plant-covered homes of the future. The project, X_Lands, would not only provide self-sustaining homes to families but would also transform a global symbol of pollution into a beacon of sustainability. In a perfect future world where we have once and for all put an end to oil drilling, the planet’s ocean will be still brimming with large, useless oil platforms that have reached the end of their lifecycles. In a fantastical glimpse into the future, the innovative designers of XTU Architects have reimagined these old beasts as self-sustaining homes . Related: Oil rig off South Korea’s coast to become a floating hotel that operates on tidal energy Although the concept may seem a bit whimsical at first, the need to create new housing solutions is weighing on countries around the world as the global population continues to grow. Creating affordable, green housing is of the utmost importance to create a more sustainable world using what is already in existence. The inoperative offshore oil platforms could potentially provide a very feasible solution, or as the designers put it, “a sustainable path for tomorrow,” to solve the impending housing crisis while also addressing climate change. Massive in scale, the floating structures could easily be adapted to fit a variety of housing needs. Specifically, the X_Lands concept envisions bubble-like housing units covered with lush greenery that provides a natural, healthy atmosphere for residents. The futuristic housing units would be equipped to generate their own clean energy via solar and wind power, creating completely self-sufficient, water-based communities. Additionally, the homes would provide gardening space for residents to grow their own food. + XTU Architects Images via XTU Architects

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Offshore oil platforms are reimagined as self-sustaining homes

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