In China, a billion cockroaches are leading the fight against food waste

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Warning: This story could make your skin crawl. As China’s cities continue to grow at a rapid pace, problems are arising with the country’s food waste. The Chinese population is producing so much food waste that the landfills can’t keep up, and this has led to some out-of-the-box thinking — using a billion cockroaches to take care of the problem. According to a new Reuters report , a plant outside of the city of Jinan — the capital of the eastern Shandong province — is disposing of the 50 tons of kitchen waste it receives every day by feeding the food scraps to the cockroaches. This process is not just a creative solution for food waste, but it is also providing livestock with nutritious food once the cockroaches die. Related: 5 simple ways to reduce your food waste right now “It’s like turning trash into resources,” said Shandong Qiaobin chairwoman Li Hongyi. Shandong Qiaobin Agricultural Technology runs the Jinan plant, and the company hopes to open three more plants next year, with the goal of eliminating one-third of the city’s food waste. Jinan currently has a population of around 7 million. This novel approach to urban waste starts with the waste arriving at the plant before daybreak, and then workers feed it through pipes to cockroaches in their cells. China banned the use of food waste as pig feed because of outbreaks of African swine fever. Now, this new process is encouraging the cockroach industry to grow. Shandong Qiaobin is beginning to serve as an example for others throughout China , with many people opening their own cockroach farms. Humans waste about one-third of the food produced across the globe each year — around 1.3 billion tons — and this is negatively impacting the environment as well as the economy. If the cockroach trend takes off outside of China’s borders, it could mean that these little pests will be soldiers on the frontline of the global war against food waste. Via Reuters Image via Shutterstock

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In China, a billion cockroaches are leading the fight against food waste

2018’s Most Efficient Solar Panels

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As solar energy technology progresses at a rapid pace, there’s … The post 2018’s Most Efficient Solar Panels appeared first on

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2018’s Most Efficient Solar Panels

5 Unconventional alternative energy sources developing fast for a better future

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Pratima Kalra: Alternate sources of energy Unconventional sources of energy Nature has unfathomable loads of passive energy, lying dormant in unknown territories. If prudently explored, these potential energy hubs can reduce our dependence on fossil fuel energy which is depleting at a rapid pace. At one point eventually “Time” will not give us a choice to rely on oil for energy, it will command us to switch over to renewable sources of energy or even other alternate sources of energy. A brief about a few of the alternate sources of energy is given below. 1. Algae Algae High potential bio-fuel source The strains of some varieties of algae are rich in their oil content that can be converted into biodiesel. The rapid growth of algae can be used for replacing colonies altogether every day. To top it , algae does not need fertile land for its cultivation and hence no possibility of shortage and tendency for the prices to rise. If countries can efficiently capitalize on the production of algae, their dependence on foreign oil resources can be considerably decreased. Its production does not contaminate the land, air or even water. Rather it helps in removing pollution. Indeed a very powerful alternate source of energy. 2. Tidal power Tidal power Turbines will be used to capture energy from tides Just a single sight of a strong tide, tells how much power is entrapped in it . It is this power potential which makes it a prospective alternate source of energy. Specially designed turbines can be used to capture this power. Countries with a vast coastline are eager to develop tidal power plants, provided strong tidal currents are in abundance. There is one vice attached with this alternate source that it might have a negative impact on the marine life. A well planned tidal system when in place can deal with this problem and off-set the adverse impact. 3. Municipal Waste Municipal Waste Source of energy that will remove pollutants too Generating power from municipal waste would serve a twofold purpose; one that it will help cut down the pollutants that get littered around oceans and sea and also it is high energy potential would be availed. Municipal waste is abundantly available, but again there are certain things to be considered. First many ways of getting energy from waste are available, so one has to choose prudently. Secondly material that cannot by composed has to be treated carefully. 4. Fungi Fungi Need low levels of oxygen for their growth The discovery of fungi as a dynamic alternate source of energy has opened new doors for scientists to use it as a source of biofuel. A special variety of fungi can form long hydrocarbon chains just like petroleum can, therefore rendering it adept for producing energy. One condition that could pose some hindrance is that fungi grow best in low oxygen intensity. Work is in progress to create the most efficient environment for the cultivation of healthy fungi that will grow in an eco-friendly environment. 5. Food Waste Food Waste Available in abundance Restaurants, homes, offices are dump food waste daily. This scrap food waste can be collected and put in machines called anaerobic digesters. Specially designed landfills can also used for this purpose. For quick organic decomposition of the waste, bacteria should be added and the place should be warm and moist. During the decomposition process methane is released that is used for generating energy. In this process the greenhouse gases will not let out, thus it will cause no environmental damage.

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5 Unconventional alternative energy sources developing fast for a better future

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