Double your vacation fun on this gorgeous double decker bus hotel in Wales

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Visitors to the incredibly idyllic area of the Teifi Valley in West Wales now have a quirky new accommodation to enjoy. The vintage 1964 Leyland Titan double decker bus has been renovated into a vibrant glamping location that sleeps up to six. Surrounded by 40 acres of organic farmland, the beautiful blue double decker is a great way for guests to reconnect with nature. The converted bus is located at Ceridwen Centre, an organic farm that offers a number of unique lodgings, such as converted barns, yurts and even a cool eco pod. Now, the farm has added its own double decker bus to its whimsical collection of accommodations. Related: Vintage red double decker bus is converted into a cool, retro hotel The double decker bus is a great choice for families looking to get away for a bonding experience. With a master room upstairs and two double rooms with a sofa bed downstairs, the converted bus sleeps up to six guests. Additionally, the bus offers a spacious indoor living and dining area. There is also a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. For dining al fresco or simply taking in the natural surroundings with a fresh cup of coffee each morning, there is an open-air deck connected to the bus. Although the glamping property itself has plenty to offer in terms of long, leisurely strolls throughout the landscape, there is an abundance of things to do in the area. Onsite, there is a store that sells local produce and crafts as well as a bar for a fresh, cold pint. The lodging is just a mile from the village of Drefach Felindre, which offers more retail shops and restaurants. Of course, those seeking some outdoor thrills can check out activities in the beautiful Teifi Valley, such as mountain biking, rock climbing, canoeing or fishing. + Independent Cottages Images via Independent Cottages

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Double your vacation fun on this gorgeous double decker bus hotel in Wales

tastes great/less (land)filling.

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According to the National Recycling Coalition ,  Americans use 2,500,000 plastic bottles every hour, most of which get thrown away.  You might be a habitual recycler, but up the ante by flexing your spending power by opting out of plastic bottles whenever you can.  Plastic is made with petroleum (oil) and takes a lot of energy to create and recycle.  If plastic is thrown away, it stays forever in landfills or ends up in the ocean where it can break down in the elements and leach toxic chemicals into the water.  When given a choice, opt for something other than plastic.  Should you find yourself staring down the sodas at the gas station, pick the can — not the bottle.  Choosing aluminum and glass over plastic is a great choice for the environment (especially if you recycle).  An added benefit?  A can of Coke is one serving, whereas a bottle of Coke is typically two.  Fewer calories and a smaller footprint?  Now that’s sexy.

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tastes great/less (land)filling.

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