New evidence shows humans survived massive volcanic eruption 74,000 years ago

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In a newly published study , scientists reveal evidence that groups of humans survived a massive volcanic eruption at the Toba caldera, a supervolcano in Sumatra. “It is possible that people moved out of terrestrial locations and into this more productive coastal zone,” study co-author Curtis Marean told Inverse . “Think of it as a refuge.” Inland wildlife, plants and fungus faced a greater disruptive impact than those located closer to the coast, a key fact that enabled savvy human communities to survive the decade-long volcanic winter and endure the centuries-long consequences of the massive volcanic eruption 74,000 years ago. The Toba eruption was so powerful that shards of tephra, the rock debris projected from a volcanic event, managed to reach as far as South Africa , nearly 5,600 miles from the Toba caldera. “Glass shards are a form of tephra that preserve a record of the chemical composition of the lava erupted during the eruption. The shapes and sizes of the shards also provide information about the nature of the eruption,” study author  Gene Smith told Inverse . “We can tell quite a bit about a volcanic eruption by studying products ejected from the volcano.” Related: Wave of earthquakes shake Yellowstone’s super-volcano The researchers observed that the global impact of the Toba eruption encouraged communities to move to coastal areas, which were less affected by the eruption. The flexibility and attentiveness of these early human communities is worth noting, as modern society may not be quite as dynamic in the face of such an event. “Hunter-gatherer economies are very resilient, but I don’t think the complex modern economies are,” said Smith. “A Toba-like event is a civilization killer for us. Perhaps our study will waken people up to the potential of volcanic catastrophe.” Via Inverse Images via Depositphotos ,  Smith et al. and  Dr. Jayne Wilkins

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New evidence shows humans survived massive volcanic eruption 74,000 years ago

Inhabitat is Hiring New Writers – Apply Today!

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Do you have a way with words and a passion for design and the environment? Inhabitat is hiring dedicated writers interested in covering breaking developments in the fields of sustainable design , green architecture , clean technology , and environmental news . Our ideal candidates avidly follow developments in one or more of these fields and are able to source and write daily stories with speed, clarity, precision and wit. We’re offering a platform to broadcast your voice to millions of monthly readers around the globe as well as the ability to work from anywhere and competitive per-post pay. If you think you’d be a great new addition to the Inhabitat team, send the following information to editor [at] with the headline “ New Inhabitat Writer “: 1. A cover letter telling us a bit about yourself, what your interests/specialties are, and why you would make a fantastic writer for Inhabitat. 2. Three published story clips or links to online articles you have written. 3. Three story ideas that you would like to write for Inhabitat. Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: employment listing , environmental news , freelance writing , freelance writing work , freelancers needed , inhabitat , news writing , reporting gig , work , writers , writing gig , writing jobs

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Inhabitat is Hiring New Writers – Apply Today!

Q&A: Andrea Fabbri, COO of EcoAlign, Focuses on Smart Grid

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Earlier this month EcoAlign , a strategic marketing agency primarily focused on energy and the environment (where I am a senior adviser), published a new report “Separating Smart Grid from Smart Meters? Consumer Perceptions and Expectations of Smart Grid. ” It is the eighth EcoPinion report, the latest in a series of a bimonthly, proprietary research reports on assessments of consumer values, drivers and behavior around energy and environmental needs

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Q&A: Andrea Fabbri, COO of EcoAlign, Focuses on Smart Grid

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