Sustainable home in Cornwall is wrapped in steam-bent wood

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Tom and his wife Danielle bought an existing lodge located in the woodland at Trevano near Heslton, and designed a timber-clad extension that blends seamlessly into the surrounding landscape. It is linked to the original cottage and outbuildings which the architects restored and modernized. Raffield translated his passion for sculptural design and sustainable materials  into his newest design-the biggest one to date-which promises to become his masterpiece. The timber-clad extension uses an innovative take on steam-bent furniture and lighting. Related: Students Construct a Dramatic 10-Meter-High Steam-Bent Lookout Tower at Helsinki Zoo “We wanted to build a house with the same consideration and attention to detail we put into our furniture and lighting,” said Raffield. “The experience of building your own space and creating pieces to put inside has been incredibly liberating. Then being able to share that experience is both nerve wrecking and incredibly exciting,” he added. The project recently appeared on the UK Channel 4 TV show “Grand Designs”. + Tom Raffield Via World Architecture News

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Sustainable home in Cornwall is wrapped in steam-bent wood


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