Spectacular bamboo domes mimic the mountains of Vietnam

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Vietnamese firm Vo Trong Nghia Architects has completed a series of beautiful bamboo domes for the rural area of Son La City, Vietnam. Surrounded by dense vegetation, the five bulbous structures were built out of locally-sourced bamboo by local craftsman. The architects designed domes of differing heights and sizes that mimic the majestic mountain range in the background, creating harmony with the surrounding natural environment. Sitting at the heart of the plan, the largest dome measures 15.6 meters high with an interior area of 283 square meters. The smaller domes range from 10.5 meters to 12.5 meters high. Inspired by the traditional bamboo baskets found in the area, the curved framework is made of locally-sourced bamboo . Thatched roofs with large skylights provide natural light and ventilation for the interior spaces. Related: Posh new Vietnamese hotel with a lush green facade brings guests closer to nature The domes are the latest addition to the adjacent hospital complex, which was also designed by the Vietnamese firm . Located next to a restaurant and ceremonial hall, the new structures create a multi-purpose space for the increasing number of visitors to the area.The largest dome will be used as a cafe, and the rest will serve as reception and lounge areas. The spaces are open yet covered so that they can host year-long events such as corporate meetings, exhibitions and local festivals. The location will also serve as a pleasant meeting space for the local community. The facility is surrounded by dense vegetation, and trees will eventually grow over the buildings, providing ample shade for the area. Visitors making their way from the domes to the ceremonial hall will find a relaxing waterfall and small stream on the path, as well as a beautiful rose garden. + Vo Trong Nghia Architects Via Archdaily Photography by Hiroyuki Oki via Vo Trong Nghia Architects

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Spectacular bamboo domes mimic the mountains of Vietnam


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