South Korean production facility makes medicine out of dandelions

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The Korean Dandelion Farm is located on the edge of a forest in Chungcheongbuk-do province in South Korea . It comprises a quiet retreat and a production facility for making remedies using dandelions, which have been used in traditional South Korean medicine for a long time. This wildflower, which can treat liver failure, kidney disease, fever and stomach ache, is grown in a designated area behind the building. Related: Korea’s platform_monsant cafe reflects its stunning volcanic surroundings The property is dominated by concrete and wood. Enclosed areas are made of concrete, while the open spaces are framed by wooden fences. Some parts of the building feature concrete elements cast against wooden boards. The contrast between dark and light areas is accentuated by the different treatment of closed and open spaces. A large pivoting wooden door leads to the cafe area through an open courtyard . Related: OBBA built this affordable 538-square-feet daylit house in Seoul for a newlywed couple and their cats “Experience of dark and light triggers your emotional experiences in this space,” said the architects. “When you enter the front courtyard, you can see the forest valley through the wide open farm cafe,” they added. + Archihood WXY Via Dezeen Photos and video by Woohyun Kang

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South Korean production facility makes medicine out of dandelions


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