South America’s largest aquarium boasts a 650-foot underwater tunnel

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Brazil’s newest aquarium features a 650-foot underwater tunnel , inviting guests to venture into a marine world few have ever seen before. AquaRio is set to become South America’s largest aquarium when it opens in Rio de Janeiro on November 9. Its one-of-a-kind glass tunnel and huge collection of marine animals promises to lure in visitors from all over the continent. AquaRio is not just a large aquarium ; it’s enormous. The facility will hold some 1.8 million gallons of water among its 28 tanks, which will be home to 8,000 animals from 350 mostly native species . The submerged glass tunnel itself measures just over 650 feet long, giving visitors an expansive look at undersea life. For the $40.6 million cost, the unique glass tunnel is unlike any other on the continent. Related: Airbnb is offering a night in an underwater bedroom surrounded by 35 sharks The aquarium also includes a surf museum and separate science museum, as well as a touch tank where visitors can get up close and personal with sharks, rays and invertebrates. A growing trend in the tourism industry, guests will also have the opportunity to book a night in the aquarium, as part of a sleepover right in the glass tunnel with other guests. That brings a whole new meaning to sleeping with the fishes. Via Vibe Images via AquaRio

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South America’s largest aquarium boasts a 650-foot underwater tunnel


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