Solar-powered forever home is a modern take on the rustic farmhouse

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‘Waste not want not’ seems to be a motto of Horseshoe Farm Residence, a modern solar-powered farmhouse built with reclaimed materials in North Carolina. The clients, a couple seeking an off-grid forever home, tapped design-build firm Buildsense to craft the two-story home set on land the couple had lived on and used for over 15 years. Modern finishes paired with rustic recycled materials like the brick and barn siding give the home a timeless appeal perfect for aging in place. Located in Creedmoor, the Horseshoe Farm Residence was designed with inspiration from the clients’ grandfather who ran a farm where nothing went to waste. “He would deconstruct older structures when beyond repair, remove every nail, and fastidiously hammer them back to straight form for reuse,” said Buildsense. “New structures were planned for durability, utility, and longevity.” In keeping with these thrifty ways, the architects used recycled materials , from concrete slabs to reclaimed barn siding, and used low-maintenance materials like corrugated steel cladding for durability. Related: Charming Italian farmhouse hides a surprisingly modern interior in Tuscany The Horseshoe Farm Residence also boasts off-grid capability. Solar panels power the home, while the rainwater stored in two large cisterns can be used for flushing toilets. The home’s many windows and orientation on an east-west axis take advantage of passive solar. In contrast to its rugged exterior, the interior features timber, white walls, and bright pops of color for a softer appearance. Large windows bring the outdoors in. + Buildsense Via Dezeen Images via Lissa Gotwals Photography

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Solar-powered forever home is a modern take on the rustic farmhouse


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