Smartphone application can save your money by increasing your car’s fuel efficiency

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B Phanindra Kumar: Smartphone Increasing fuel efficiency Smartphones that have attracted the people are now going to benefit the mankind by preserving the environment besides saving the money by increasing car’s fuel efficiency. Are you wondering as to how phones are going to protect the environment? In July, 2011 a few researchers from MIT and Princeton University have come up with this mobile application that is worth hailing. According to the proposed system, the use of smart phones will save the environment as they are going to reduce the fuel consumption of the cars and other vehicles by nearly 20 per cent. This innovative mobile application helps the car driver fix brackets on the dashboards of their cars. It is in the dashboard that a driver will have to fix the smartphone. A person can use the smartphone as his navigation by just installing a mobile application. Besides navigation, a driver can get the useful information such as free parking space, bus numbers plying in that area and the number of the filling stations in the area along with the prices per liter. Though people are familiar with the navigation system, they are not aware of the feature– photo capture of the traffic signals from a distance. With the help of this unique feature, one can know if there’s a red light from a distance. This will allow the car driver to slow down the speed of the vehicle eventually. When a person slows down the speed of the car, he would not have the need to stop at the signal as the signal is likely to turn to green when the car slowly reaches the junction. Each time a person halts a car and restarts it, his car would be emitting large amounts of carbon dioxide and other gases. Since this application alarms the driver to slow down the car, he will have the chance to avoid stopping the car at the signals. This way the new application would be very beneficial to the environment. Apart from alarming the driver to slow down the car, the application also asks the driver to increase the car speed if it detects that there’s a green signal ahead. This is something awesome and that’s the reason why the researchers won the award for the application. Now, one is not sure as to when this application would come into reality. Even if it comes to reality, will the governments make the application mandatory in order to protect the environment is a million dollar question. Source: MIT

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Smartphone application can save your money by increasing your car’s fuel efficiency


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