Set up camp anywhere with Latvia’s luxurious Camping Box

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Camping just got a lot more glamorous with the Camping Box , a modular eco-friendly box that’s super easy to set up. InBoxLifestyle designed the creative tent or camper alternative, and their 97-square-foot box can house four people comfortably. The Latvia -based company says their Camping Box allows campers to escape into nature while feeling like they’re staying at a fancy hotel . The Camping Box is about what it sounds like: a box you can set up just about anywhere and sleep or cook inside while camping. But these innovative dwellings are designed to be a step up from your standard camper or tent; according to the company, they provide “high class hotel benefits in the middle of nowhere.” Related: Sublime tiny cabins in British Columbia that can be installed within hours The modular boxes are easy to maintain and move. They’re made of fiberglass , and are rain and snow resistant. They can also be popped up without project approval. They don’t take up a lot of space, so could be tucked into a corner of a backyard or forest. InBoxLifestyle says their Camping Boxes will last for years, and are nature friendly. The design of the company’s boxes is energy efficient thanks to what they describe as the latest generation ventilation and heating system. The boxes can be connected to the grid or water and sewage systems. But InBoxLifestyle does say on their website that boxes in remote locations can have an individual solution for water and sewage. InBoxLifestyle offers multiple floor plans for their Camping Box, including ones for two or four people, ones with kitchens, bathrooms, or showers, and even a sauna and Jacuzzi box. Prices for the four-person option start at $13,416.60. The company works with clients to design the interior according to what amenities a person wants inside their Camping Box. The Camping Box isn’t the only modular box setup InBoxLifestyle offers. They offer a Gym Box, Kitchen Box, and Office Box, to name a few. Check out more on their website . + InBoxLifestyle Images via InBoxLifestyle ( 1 , 2 ) and screenshots

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Set up camp anywhere with Latvia’s luxurious Camping Box


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