Set-Top Boxes Are the #1 Household Energy Drain

June 28, 2011 by  
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A recent study by the National Resources Defense Council finds that cable and digital recording devices are now “the single largest electricity drain in many American homes.” The study found that “In 2010, set-top boxes in the United States consumed approximately 27 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, which is equivalent to the annual output of nine average (500 MW) coal-fired power plants.” This power consumption translates to roughly $3 billion in annual electricity costs paid by consumers, as well as being responsible for the release of 16 million metric tons of CO2 emissions each year. Furthermore, according to the NRDC report, an average HD set-top cable box and HD-DVR uses more energy (446 kWh/year) than an average 21 cubic foot Energy Star refrigerator (415 kWh/year).

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Set-Top Boxes Are the #1 Household Energy Drain


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