Robotic Fabric Could Be Used to Create Moving Clothing

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We’ve all heard of electronic fabrics , but robotic fabrics? That’s a new one. Researchers are Purdue University are developing an electronic skin-like fabric that can move on its own, twisting and turning into endless shapes. So why do we need such a thing? Robotic fabrics could be used to create active clothing for sports, soldiers and astronauts or help those with disabilities move while wearing the fabric, changing the way we interact with our clothing. Read More >  Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: automaton clothing , automaton fabric , ecouterre wearable clothing , ecouterre wearable technology , electronic clothing , electronic fabric , Purdue University , Purdue University electronic fabric , Purdue University robotic clothing , robotic clothing , robotic fabric , wearable technology

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Robotic Fabric Could Be Used to Create Moving Clothing


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