Porsche reveals electric Mission E Cross Turismo rivaling Tesla Model X

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Porsche doesn’t plan to let Tesla have all the fun. At the Geneva Motor Show , they just unveiled their Mission E Cross Turismo , an electric vehicle that could rival the Model X . All-wheel drive, off-road design, and a connected drone in the trunk target this Cross Utility Vehicle at explorers. Porsche describes the flashy car as a concept study; they said in their statement the road-ready vehicle “builds on the Mission E study Porsche demonstrated at the 2015 International Motor Show and uses elements that are close to series production.” The four-seater Mission E Cross Turismo “presents a picture as to what a Turismo model with features of a crossover utility vehicle could look like in series production,” according to Porsche. Mostly, it’s speedy: the vehicle accelerates to around 62 miles per hour in under 3.5 seconds, or to 125 miles per hour in less than 12 seconds. The car’s range is around 310 miles, according to Porsche. Two electric motors boast a system output of greater than 600 horsepower or 440 kilowatts, and the “800-volt architecture of the vehicle ensures that the lithium-ion battery can be charged for a range of around 250 miles in just over 15 minutes.” Drivers would have options for charging the vehicle: fast chargers , a home energy storage system, or via induction. Related: Porsche’s new EV chargers top up Mission E batteries by 80% in 15 minutes The car is completely decked out with smart features. An app would enable users to choose lighting, music, air conditioning settings, and navigation even when they’re not inside. The driver display includes eye-tracking control, and a rear view mirror camera detects the instrument a driver is viewing so that display can be brought to the foreground as others appear smaller. The passenger display also includes eye-tracking and touchscreen technology, allowing them to control features like navigation, media, and air conditioning. Don’t forget the trunk drone. The video shows the driver pressing a screen to release the drone to capture images of the drive. Will the car ever be manufactured for purchase? That remains to be seen. Will the #MissonECrossTurismo become a series-production model? #Porsche Chief Designer Michael Mauer: "I would like to see that happen!" What do you think? #PorscheGIMS — Porsche Newsroom (@PorscheNewsroom) March 6, 2018 + Porsche + Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo Via The Verge Images via Porsche

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Porsche reveals electric Mission E Cross Turismo rivaling Tesla Model X


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