Porsche Planning Hybrid Version of All Models

October 20, 2010 by  
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Porsche announced in Automotive News Europe that they will make a hybrid version of every model in its current lineup.  For lovers of high-performance hybrid sports cars (like the Porsche 918 hybrid supercar pictured above), this is pretty exciting news. Porsche actually had the world’s first hybrid car over 100 years ago, but didn’t continue making them when gas became super cheap, but this time around, the carmaker is really committing.  The reason for that commitment is that the European Union has introduced much stricter emissions regulations.  Porsche is required to cut its average emissions from 255 grams per kilometer to 216 in the next five years.  Several hybrids in its lineup will help to make those cuts

Here is the original:
Porsche Planning Hybrid Version of All Models


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