Plumens new LED bulb is designed to make you look more beautiful

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Unveiled after five years in the making, the hanging Plumen 003 light bulb combines two lights into one: a focused, direct light below and a flattering, diffused sidelight. HULGER, Claire Norcross, and Marie-Laure Giroux designed the bulb, drawing inspiration from Danish designer Poul Henningsen’s PH lamp, created in 1925. Like the PH lamp, which combined elements of kerosene oil lamps and electrical bulbs, Plumen 003 seeks to combine the warmth of an incandescent bulb with the energy efficiency of LEDs. Related: Plumen Unveils Gorgeous Glowing Oak Installation at the London Design Festival “ Sustainable design often lacks sex appeal – LED bulbs being no exception,” said Plumen creative director Nicolas Roope. “We decided that to attract customers to this new technology we needed to create an efficient light bulb that was also inspiring and beautiful in its own right.” In addition to its beautiful design, the luxurious Plumen 003 is engineered to reduce glare and heat. The Plumen 003 light bulb is estimated to last for 10,000 hours and is available for preorder with delivery in November. + Plumen Via Dezeen Images via Plumen

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Plumens new LED bulb is designed to make you look more beautiful


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