Plug-In Solar Appliance Brings Cheap Solar Power to Homes

August 18, 2010 by  
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Solar power company Clarian Technologies has developed a new concept in residential solar power:  the solar appliance.  Just like a refrigerator or microwave, a homeowner can buy the Sunfish solar power system, plug it into any outdoor outlet and start feeding solar power into their home. Whereas most solar power systems require a contractor to install the module and an electrician to connect it to the electric panel through an inverter (to convert the DC power generated to AC power), Clarian says a handy homeowner can install the Sunfish themselves in about an hour. The other major bonus of such a plug-and-play-type system, is the cost.  Let’s face it, that’s the main draw.  The base model Sunfish will cost $799 with the largest running about $4,000, where a typical roof-mounted system costs a minimum of $10,000 and goes steeply up from there.

Plug-In Solar Appliance Brings Cheap Solar Power to Homes


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