Photos Capture the Staggering Air Pollution Plaguing China

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  Image: ©  John E. Williamson Just a couple days ago we reported on the incredible blanket of pollution overtaking the city of Beijing. The problem had been plaguing the city for more than two weeks , but over the last few days pollution levels have spiked, giving way to poor air readings 40 times recommended safety levels. Visibility in the area at one point was reduced to about 600 feet, with some areas experiencing visibility as low as 300 feet. The near emergency state has resulted in cancelled flights and forced much of Beijing’s population indoors as they’ve been advised to stay inside to avoid respiratory illness. To capture the dire scope of the current situation, The Atlantic’s Alan Taylor gathered a collection of incredible eye-opening photos  taken over the last weeks of this city shrouded by pollution. SEE ALL THE PHOTOS AT THE ATLANTIC > Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: air pollution , air quality health , beijing air quality , carbon emissions , china pollution , environmental regulations , pm2.5 , pollution monitoring , respiatory disease , smog , World Health Organization

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Photos Capture the Staggering Air Pollution Plaguing China


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