Peugeot Frame: A futuristic vehicle powered by solar energy

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Dattatreya Mandal: Peugeot Frame Concept Designed by Vladimir Abramov Clean, green and avant-garde – this in short is the all new Frame, a solar hybrid concept for Peugeot, conceptualized by industrial designer Vladimir Abramov. It is always great to see renewable energy systems being infused with a remarkable style quotient; but the Frame takes it to a further level on futuristic lines, advanced technology and optimum user comfort. Picture Gallery Peugeot Frame Concept Frame Solar Hybrid concept by Vladimir Abramov Originally, a preliminary concept was contrived for the 2008 Peugeot design competition, and since then, it has been developed to its current iteration. The unique styling incorporates a sleek, curvaceous form with the glass facade (presumably embedded with transparent solar cells) stretching up to the frontal hood edge. The compact design considerations allude to a more restrained yet modernistic exterior. This bantam form will encapsulate a fairly spacious interior with a capacity for four people (including the driver). Coming to drive features, the contemporary vehicle will incorporate regenerative braking systems (which can utilize the usually lost energy during braking mechanism) to enhance overall performance. More importantly, the car will also integrate photovoltaic cells for harvesting of clean solar power that can ‘fuel’ the power-train with zero emission attributes. Via: Behance

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Peugeot Frame: A futuristic vehicle powered by solar energy


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