OODA unveils a green design for New Taipei City Museum of Art

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Ruchika Pahwa: Taipei City Museum of Art Designed by OODA If you are an avid art lover and appreciator of special architecture, you would have been to several art exhibitions and museums. But, have you ever got to encounter such a huge structure that houses art pieces, as well as stands high within a city, displaying marvelous architecture? If not, here is your chance to witness an art museum that is as amazing as the art itself! OODA, a Portuguese practice, presents one of its outstanding architectural designs in the form of the new Taipei City Museum of Art located in Taipei, Taiwan. While taking part in the ‘new taipei city museum of art international competition’, OODA was given a merit award for their museum design proposal. Picture Gallery OODA New Taipei City Museum Of Art New Taipei City Museum Of Art Designed by OODA The proposal aimed at the development of a building that could act as a landmark for the urban center’s people. It was designed to be an innovative concept and it became! This form has two hypercubes that are molded as a cube with an angle of 90 degree, suspended within a contorted, large volumetric box. There is a lifted, arched exterior that lets visitors pass under it through the centralized elevator core. This entrance plaza offers a spectacular display of fountains and greenery. In the building’s surroundings too, up to 1,250 trees have been planted within the forestation areas. This green approach gives a contrasting view to the carbon footprint the site projects. Galleries in the art museum run along a continuous and perimeter ramp. This ramp is shaped upwards in a spiral manner while going through a shifting interior area that wraps around the art resource center. In order to provide the required privacy to the administrative staff of the museum, its administration section is placed at the building’s highest level. The children’s museum is kept to be placed below grade for easy access. There are running steel elements that are derived from the inner form’s intersection points. Such elements, in an inclined manner, run from the inside form’s one corner to the other, while providing a strong support to the whole outer structure of the museum. A glass facade with double curvature gets developed when the main columns are wrapped with the skin. This complete structure is crafted with an environmentally friendly approach in mind, and therefore, available opportunities are taken advantage of. Such opportunities range from the collection of water and solar panels’ integration to making way for the ventilation of air through atrium spaces and operable windows. So, it is a green step taken to present a beautiful architectural structure with intact hues of precious art forms before the Taipei city’s residents and visitors. Via: Designboom

OODA unveils a green design for New Taipei City Museum of Art


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