Nissan is gifting gilded Leaf EVs to winning Olympic Athletes

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Who would even want to win a gold medal when you could have a golden electric car? Some gold medal winners at the upcoming Summer Olympic Games hosted in Brazil will also take home a special prize from Nissan : a shiny gold Leaf EV . The gilded electric cars will be offered to any of the 16 athletes sponsored by the automaker’s British office, provided they earn a gold medal in their sport first. At the Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro starting in just a few weeks, Nissan is already providing a fleet of 4,200 vehicles , including the Leaf and the new SUV model Kicks . Once the games begin, scores of athletes from around the world will compete for a shot at the gold, silver, or bronze medals traditionally awarded at the Olympics. Nissan’s British office is sponsoring ten Olympic and six Paralympic athletes in this summer’s games, and hopes the added allure of a shiny gold electric car will be enough to help them bring home the gold (medal, that is). The car is subtly emblazoned (if that’s a thing) with the words “Rio 2016 Gold Medalist” on the hood, both sides, and the rear bumper, so that passersby from every angle will know who is at the wheel. Related: New 2016 Nissan Leaf can travel up to 107 miles on a single charge The Leaf EV is Nissan’s answer to the affordable electric car. First introduced in 2010, the Leaf quickly became the world’s all-time best selling highway-capable all-electric car. As of April of this year, nearly 220,000 Leafs have been sold worldwide, and it’s no wonder. The EV has an impressive 107-mile range and an MSRP under $30,000. Combined with federal and state tax credits, the Nissan Leaf represents a great deal on a zero emissions vehicle. Via Carscoops Images via Nissan

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Nissan is gifting gilded Leaf EVs to winning Olympic Athletes


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