Nissan Builds 10-Minute EV Charger

October 18, 2011 by  
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Nissan has announced that it has built a super-fast EV charger that can take your battery from drained to fully charged in a mere ten minutes — a huge improvement over the typical eight-hour refueling time that most EV chargers require. This new quick charger, built with help from Japan’s Kansai University, was made by swapping out the traditionally-used carbon electrodes for tungsten oxide and vanadium oxide electrodes that proved to be far more efficient.  One major drawback to this swap is that EVs today are made with charging components that work with those carbon electrodes, so EVs themselves would have to be updated to work with this new type of charger. Nissan plans to fully commercialize this new charger, but it’s likely to take about another decade until they’re on the streets or available for your home.  It’s a drag to have to wait that long to see this technology produced, but it’s also really exciting to imagine that in ten years you’ll be able to recharge your EV in the time it takes to eat a snack. via Inhabitat

The rest is here:
Nissan Builds 10-Minute EV Charger


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