Need a home? 3D print one—out of mud

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Inspired by the mud dauber , a little wasp  that  builds its home with mud, Massimo Moretti worked with bio-architecture to put the two together to create something remarkable. Concerned about the housing crisis throughout the world, he set about to use 3D printing technology to squirt out mud houses. Traditionally, earthen houses are formed by hand in a laborious, tedious process. But with a 3D mud printer , a house can be made in a couple of weeks. His organization, World’s Advanced Saving Project (WASP), is dedicated to making housing affordable, particularly in places where the most abundant resource may be earth. Read the rest of Need a home? 3D print one—out of mud Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: 3D advances , 3D design , 3D fabrication , 3d printed homes , 3d printer , 3D printing , Contour Crafting 3D home , Rome Maker Faire , wasp , wasp technology , wasps

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Need a home? 3D print one—out of mud


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