Moon Hoons funky new home captures sunlight on Jeju Island

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South Korean architect Moon Hoon regularly wows us with his crazy and whimsical designs—and his latest work is no exception. Set on South Korea’s stunning Jeju Island , the Simple House is a bunker-inspired house with large glazed end walls to capture sunlight from multiple angles. The sculptural house offers panoramic views of the island and was engineered to withstand the island’s weather extremes. Beautiful Jeju Island, known as the Hawaii of South Korea , is a popular vacation destination with a surprisingly varied landscape. The client originally asked Moon Hoon to design a custom 206-square-meter home with a low-lying bunker-like appearance that referenced the traditional homes of Jeju island. However, over time the initial design morphed into its antithesis; the flippantly named Simple House is an extravagant sculptural house made of cantilevered stacked blocks supported with diagonal reinforced-concrete beams. The three-story home’s board-formed concrete volumes are carefully oriented to optimize views and access to natural light. Open terraces and glazed walls at the end of each volume capture daylight from multiple angles. “The erected houses now boasted much presence, but needed something more to give it a distinct character,” said Hoon, explaining the thought process behind the stacked and rotated volumes. “Then the strong wind and rain started cracking the floors, and slowly three floored and rotating home came into existence. Too much wind gave nausea and anxiety. Something had to be done, thus the binding structures between the end points to other points.” Related: Weird but wonderful Wind House brings whimsy to Korea’s Jeju Island The brightly lit interior features a clean and modern appearance with recessed lighting, light timber surfaces, and in-built furnishings such as the recessed bookshelves along the staircase that winds through the center of the home. Simple House is entered on the first floor, which comprises a playroom on one end and a guest room on the other. The second floor, which is rotated and offset from the first, houses an open plan dining room and kitchen on one side and living area on the other. The second floor also opens out to outdoor dining built atop the first floor. The master bedroom and bathroom, outdoor jacuzzi, and outdoor garden are found on the top floor. + Moon Hoon Via ArchDaily

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Moon Hoons funky new home captures sunlight on Jeju Island


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