Modular Qube Tents snap together to create giant camping forts

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The team behind the amazing modular Pod tent  has launched an exciting new line of tents that can be connected together to create complex structures in minutes. You can connect Qube tents at every corner to transform a solo camping experience into a communal one. M2C Innovation designed the structures to be tall enough to stand up in and to include solar panels, LED lighting strips and 13,000 Mh battery packs. Qube tents can be set up and packed away in less than 2 minutes. A universal tunnel attached to each side of the tent allows you to create bespoke configurations for a larger group of campers . A black lining prevents the sun blaring through the heavy duty 300D nylon material manufactured to withstand heavy rainfall. A removable ground sheet means you can have extra comfort underfoot and makes the tent easier to clean when you pack it away. Related: Lightning-proof Bolt tents will keep you safe in a storm A solar panel simply unfolds and slips into the pocket behind the window and plugs directly into the battery pack to store free energy. The battery pack can then be used to charge your smart phone or smart device– anything with a USB connection– or it can be used to power a LED lighting strip that offers a soft lighting inside the tent. The battery stores enough energy for charging devices to full power 5-6 times from one stored charge. + M2C Innovation + Qube Tents Indiegogo  

Modular Qube Tents snap together to create giant camping forts


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