MINI just unveiled an amazing all-electric model of their iconic car

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MINI just unveiled a blast from the past with a modern twist: the classic MINI Electric. This unique all-electric car signals their commitment to zero emissions technology. In a statement , MINI said, “The spontaneous power of its electric motor provides a new dimension to the unmistakable go-kart feeling that helped propel the British small car in its original form to worldwide popularity.” The one-off classic MINI Electric hearkens back to the brand’s historic car – and it’s drumming up excitement for a fully electric production vehicle set to debut next year. The vehicle is a bright red “carefully restored example of the classic MINI Cooper ,” enhanced with yellow MINI Electric logos and a contrasting white roof. Technical specifications are scant – but the vehicle is equipped with a single electric motor, according to Carscoops . Related: MINI re-envisions the Cooper hatchback as an EV “The classic MINI Electric is the result of an imaginary journey through time, where the story of the classic model is extended by a consecutive chapter,” the company said. “The original from the second half of the 20th century becomes a sympathetic ambassador for environmental awareness and a form of sustainable mobility whose future has just begun.” Electrek pointed out that MINI has unveiled three working electric concepts without bringing one to production and it’s about time they did so — they’ve been laboring on EV MINIs for around 10 years now. They produced around 600 examples of 2008’s MINI E, which helped pave the way for the BMW i3 . The company’s production EV is being developed right now, MINI said, and is “based on the MINI 3 Door.” It will go into production in 2019 at their Oxford plant. The unveiling will coincide with the 60th anniversary of their classic car. + MINI Via Carscoops and Electrek Images via MINI

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MINI just unveiled an amazing all-electric model of their iconic car


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