Meteorite Slams into Russia, Injures Hundreds

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Stock image of Hoba meteorite in Namibia / Shutterstock A meteorite exploded over Chelyabinsk this morning in Russia, causing a sonic boom and injuring more than 500 people. Russia’s space agency Roscosmos said the giant fireball that sped across the sky was traveling 19 miles per second before it exploded, causing a bright light that could be seen 125 miles away in Yekaterinburg. Most injuries occurred as a result of flying glass from shattered windows and at least 100 people remain in hospital, Reuters reports. Read the rest of Meteorite Slams into Russia, Injures Hundreds Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: 2012 DA14 , asteroid , Chelyabinsk , Environment , meteorite , Meteorite explosion , meteorite hits Russia , meteorite slams into Russia , nasa , Nature , News , russia , science , space

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Meteorite Slams into Russia, Injures Hundreds


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