Massive ‘plastic monster’ art installation engulfs museum visitors

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Some artists prefer to work with top-of-the-line elements, but Taiwanese artist Shih Chieh Huang can do wonders with a ubiquitous dollar store material like painter’s plastic. The artist just unveiled a massive “plastic monster” that wraps around the Worcester Art Museum ‘s Roman Renaissance Court, engulfing visitors in an inflated labyrinth of human-like entrails. The volumnous art installation is entirely made out of a simple roll of painter’s plastic. Using a box fan, Huang breathes life to the pneumatic sculpture, which has a distinctive likeness similar to that of human intestines, “When you see the air trying to squeeze through, it makes you think of the lower intestine,” Huang told Hyper Allergic . “It’s almost like there’s food in there and it’s trying to get it out through the ends.” Related: PlasticWaste Labyrinth is a stunning look inside our plastic waste problem Photograph by Christopher Snow Hopkins for Hyperallergic The installation is the latest piece in Huang’s “Organic Concept,” series where he brings uses a variety of cheap materials to create life-like sculptures. In addition to the inflated sculpture, the artist’s bioluminescent kinetic sculptures are also on display in the museum. Reusable Universes: Shih Chieh Huang is a series of glowing marine cyborgs that Huang has created using Tupperware, LED automotive headlights, polyethylene terephthalate bottles, and various everyday materials. The exhibition will be on display at the Worcester Art Museum through November 12. + Shih Chieh Huang + Worcester Art Museum Via Hyper Allergic Photography by Kim Noonan via Worcester Art Museum

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Massive ‘plastic monster’ art installation engulfs museum visitors


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