Major Food Companies Quietly Ditch GMO Products

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It looks like the pariah status of GMO foods is slowly permeating beyond the natural health and eco-conscious crowd, to take its rightful place amongst major food companies that are quietly banning them from their products. According to an NPR report, some companies, like Ben and Jerry’s ice cream are very vocal about keeping their foods GMO free, placing it prominently on their labels and making it a selling feature for their products. Other companies are starting to follow suit but in a much more behind-the-scenes fashion. NPR reports that General Mills’ original plain Cheerios are now GMO free, but the only word anyone has heard about it was on a company blog post earlier this year. There isn’t even anything on the label that lets you know. Grape Nutsby Post is also free of GMOs while 80 of Target’s brand items are certified GMO-free. Read the rest of Major Food Companies Quietly Ditch GMO Products Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: Ben & Jerry’s , food , FREE , general , GMO , GMO-free food , major companies dump GMOs , mills , non , non gmo , post , Products , project , Target

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Major Food Companies Quietly Ditch GMO Products


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