Lifelike LEGO Animals Find a Home at The Bronx Zoo

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It’s always exciting when a zoo welcomes new members to its animal kingdom, and this month, New York City’s Bronx Zoo announced more than a half a dozen new creatures! Even though they’re placed in their natural habitats next to their friends, these new animals might look a bit different — because they are made entirely from LEGOs ! Created by the LEGO Master Builders specially for the Bronx Zoo, the lifelike LEGO replicas are part of a fun installation called the Great Summer Zoofari . From a tiger ready to pounce off the grass to a flock of flamingos standing in water, the creatures are sure to bring out your inner child. Hit the jump to see for yourself ! READ MORE > Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: animal activities , Bronx Zoo , bronx zoo lego animals , bronx zoo legos , bronx zoo new york city , bronx zoofari , green activities nyc , kid activities nyc , largest urban zoo , lego animals , lego statues , LEGOs , nature activities nyc , new york city zoo , zoos new york city

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Lifelike LEGO Animals Find a Home at The Bronx Zoo


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