Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation donates $20M to support environmental causes

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The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF) just announced their biggest portfolio of environmental grants ever given. LDF is giving $20 million to organizations working for conservation , climate solutions, and indigenous rights , to name a few. DiCaprio made the announcement yesterday during the Yale Climate Conference hosted by John Kerry , former Secretary of State. LDF CEO Terry Tamminen said, “With a lack of political leadership, and continued evidence that climate change is growing worse with record-breaking heat waves and storms , we believe we need to do as much as we can now, before it is too late.” LDF will give over 100 organizations grants across six categories: wildlife and land conservation; marine life and ocean conservation; indigenous rights; climate change; innovation, technology , and media; and LDF’s California program, targeted to help local communities transition to sustainable infrastructure, energy , and food . Related: Leonardo DiCaprio launches a new fund to save the lions In his speech at yesterday’s conference, DiCaprio called for people to get involved in tackling climate change. He said people can do three simple things: first, vote in the midterm elections next year for candidates who believe climate change is one of the most important issues the United States must address. Second, buy from environmentally friendly companies, and boycott those funding climate deniers or offering products that hurt the environment. Third, support charities and non-governmental organizations working for climate solutions. DiCaprio said, “I still believe that the United States has the potential to lead the world on this issue. We can only hope that the President begins to see it too…Time is up. The current events are a global wake-up call that must be heard all the way from you, to the private sector, to Washington, D.C. It is too late for any of us to be too timid or too ignorant or too silent. We must all take action together now.” + Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Via the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Images via screenshot

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Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation donates $20M to support environmental causes


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