Leaked Tesla document confirms Model 3 with 215+ mile range

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Tesla hasn’t released all the official performance specs for the upcoming Model 3 sedan, but a leaked dealer document just gave away a lot of the juicy details. A member of the Tesla Model 3 Owners Club recently came across a dealer product sheet that compares the specs for the Model S to the Model 3 – effectively revealing the Model 3’s driving range and other performance specs. Rather than promote the Model 3, the leaked document looks more like a way to educate Tesla’s sales staff about ways to sell the Model S over the Model 3. It points out many of the Model 3’s shortcomings compared to the flagship Model S, but either way, we now know that the Model 3 will have a 215+ mile driving range. That driving range puts it just a tad below the Chevy Bolt, but miles ahead of any other electric car in its price range. Related: Tesla is taking some major risks by accelerating production of Model 3 The leaked document also reveals that the Model 3 will be able to reach 60 mph in 5.6 seconds, which is definitely slower than the Model S P100D Ludicrous, but still faster than some sports cars. The Model 3 will also have a modestly sized front and rear trunk space with 14 cubic feet of cargo space, about half the space that the Model S has. Lastly, while the Model S has over 1,500 configurations, the Model 3 will only have about 100 and many of the premium features, like a Smart Air Suspension or HEPA filter won’t even be available on the Model 3. The Model 3 will also not have free access to Tesla’s Supercharger network, like the Model S and instead it will be “pay per use.” If you were to put a deposit down on a Model 3 today, you will have to wait more than a year before production even starts, which means meaning you won’t get your Model 3 until mid-2018. + Tesla Via Model 3 Owners Club and Inside EVs Images @Tesla

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Leaked Tesla document confirms Model 3 with 215+ mile range


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