KP Cykler has created the ultimate bike for urban commuting

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A human on a bicycle is still the most energy efficient way for a man to travel, even more efficient than a salmon in the sea or a condor in the sky. But this efficiency can be brought to a stop by as little as a piece of glass on the road. That’s why KP Cykler created the  Perfect Urban Bicycle on Kickstarter . Their bicycle battles punctures and maintenance while boasting vintage looks coupled with the top materials and an innovative gearing system. Based in Denmark, the cycling capital of the world, KP Cykler knows how frustrating it can be to get a puncture at a time when you cannot afford one. To avoid flat tires, they add a special layer of protection for the inner tubes in the form of puncture resistant tape as standard. Together with skinny racing tires, The Perfect Urban Bike is fast, and puncture free. To keep the bicycle looking clean, KP Cykler has used a Kick Shift hub on the bicycle. This technology was first used in 1960s and lets you shift between 2 gears by simply pedaling backwards or ‘kicking’ back on the pedals. Today the technology is making a comeback as advancements make the modern version durable and a delight to use. Not only does it look good, but because there are no shifters, nor cables, so is there no maintenance – no cables to rust inside the housing, no derailleurs to adjust. The bicycle also has a lugged steel frame, looking like something the famous Eddy Merckx would have ridden. Steel is arguably the longest lasting from the 3 modern frame materials (steel, aluminum, carbon fiber), and more flexible, absorbing bumps in the road and giving it a nice overall feel on the urban roads. Another well thought-of material in use is leather. Compared to synthetic materials, it progresses in time, fitting itself to the rider and only getting more comfortable with time. As KP Cykler uses the absolute cycling royalty – Brooks of England as their seat supplier, it might even rise in price after a few decades. If you are looking for the perfect urban bicycle for this summer then look no further. KP Cykler has really put together a beautiful Perfect Urban Bike – which will likely last you a lifetime. It is available on Kickstarter for a very reasonable $1045 , and they will even engrave your name on the bike. + + KP Cykler on Kickstarter

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KP Cykler has created the ultimate bike for urban commuting


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